About Considering Blog

Cultural differences can divide nations, individuals and groups of  individuals. But, such things that separate us can also be understood, and can be used to create friendships that can bridge the divides that are very obvious in our world.  Differences of national, religious and cultural distinctions will be regularly pronounced in articles that are published in this blog.

Many events drive our world. History can be an indicator of our past successes and failures. Looking ahead to the future is like viewing a smorgasboard of thoughts, whether they are mind-settling or heart-racing. As the title of this blog indicates, events that relate to individual or corporate values will find their way into posts that appear in this blog. Topics will have corresponding category groupings, but  it may be difficult to totally separate them by subject content. Posts may be event driven, or drawn from prior happenings of our world.

The underlying purpose of this blog is to provoke thought. Therefore, any reader of the articles that are contained in this blog will find its topics to be, without compromise, thought provocative.